Affiliate Commissions For The Holidays

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Its that time again gang.

If you have been an affiliate marketer for any length of time, you know that the Holiday season is huge for making extra commissions with your affiliate offers.

So how do you target in and reach your  affiliate commission goals through the holidays?

Keep reading and get yourself positioned to earn more this year.

As you know, folks are hungry to buy online and get ahead of the Christmas rush. They want to have discounts and free shipping. They want to get what they already have in mind and just get the job of shopping dome and out of the way.

They are looking for specific items that you as an affiliate marketer can help them get fast.

Here are some tips for you to get going with.

  • Keep your eyes peeled on what the hot items are on Amazon as well as what is hot in kids toys, hint… Bratz is huge this year for kids. Also pay attention to the advertisements on T.V. as well as the infomercial stuff.
  • Pick a category and build a site targeted to your category. Example: electronics, kids toys, baking supplies, weight loss.. (You get the picture) Wanna bet Kindle will blow out? What about those famous gift cards?
  • Purchase your domain with targeted keywords in the domain name.
  • Write a post for every single affiliate item you can collect that is in your category. and start loading up your targeted headline posts with your affiliate offerings embedded in the posts. Get your posts pre-written and have them loaded up and scheduled for release. Seriously, start doing this NOW…. For instance, if you are going for the camera and video camera sales, Make your headline with the brand name and the item number on it. Make it easy for your buyers to find what they are looking for.

Here is a video for you as well on how I do what I do to get ahead of the game and get my affiliate promotions and offers out to the online shoppers.

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