Google’s Wonder Wheel

Here’s a cool little keyword tool I’ll let you all in on that you may not know about yet. Most of you may but some may not. I have to admit, I just learned about this one about 5 months ago.. sorry it took so long to write about it.

How to use the Wonder Wheel to Maximize Your Affiliate Sales.

Lets say you have a new campaign coming up for an affiliate product you are preparing to launch. You need inspiration to write about the product and need it fast. You also want to drill down on some kick butt keywords and phrases and get them in a review article you want to write about. Hmmm, so your wheels are spinning as you wonder what the heck to write! yeah I know, big play on words but I just had to….

Alright, this is where the big “G” comes in. When you do a search through Google, you will notice on the left hand side of the search pages a link that says “Wonder Wheel” it may be hidden in a link that says more tools.

So how can this tool help you? well it’s basically doing the research for you for related search terms and keywords.

Let’s take a look at the funnel in a random category. Say your category is in dating. Oh and by the way, the dating category is one of the top three niches in the world to be in. HINT… It is competitive but profitable.

Take a look at this:google's wonder wheel tool

So we started with the keyword “Dating” If you already have a domain name that has the word dating in the url you are already ahead of the game.
What to do next? Take a good look at the wonder wheel related search. This will give you ideas for categories on your site.
Now we have suggested related keywords that Google is suggesting.

Google Wonder Wheel Suggested Keywords

Dig even more… And you have some incredible ideas for your post titles.

Google wonder wheel picture of sub keywords

Need to see the Wonder Wheel in action?

Have fun with it.

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Find Keywords use Google Wonder Wheel how to.

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2 comments to Google’s Wonder Wheel

  • Wow I did not know about Google’s ‘Wonder Wheel’ Thanks for posting this. I will mention this in my blog in the future. I will also use this to help further my affiliate promotions.

  • R.G.

    Hey Adam,

    Yeah The Google Wonder Wheel is Awesome!
    I just checked out your site.. The Affiliate Goal. Very nicely done and clean.

    I am putting together a new guide focused on Blogging Strategies I use
    every day. I’ll let you know when it is ready. I should have it done the first week of August.

    Stay Well,

    Rhonda G.

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