How To Drive Traffic To Your Sites Without Paying For It .

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This is the by far the biggest discussion between online marketers and affiliate marketers.

Driving traffic aside from keyword research should be at the top of your list every single day.

So how do we drive that traffic and get the visitors like crazy?

First off you really need to dig deep into your sites niche and get those keywords in your content.

You will notice that the headline on this post begins with the words “How To Drive Traffic To Your Sites”

These  words are what we are looking at as far as our keyword search term.

With that said, we have balanced out in the body and content of this post those words. You will notice that we sprinkle in driving traffic in the post.

This is just one of the tactics we all use but you must keep in mind that your posts need to read naturally and give the best value in the content for what your visitors are looking for.

Think about it this way; If you were looking to learn how to drive traffic to you site, you may have typed in the search bar, how to drive traffic to sites or even a shorter version like “driving traffic”

Get the idea? On this page after we publish it, the search engines will plow through the content and pick up on the keywords we are positioning for.

Alright, so how do you go UBER STYLE on driving traffic?

If you get your mindset straight, you will start thinking of what it is that you have that someone is looking for.

Where would that someone go to find help aside from the search engines?

Here are a few places you should seriously consider jumping on to advertise your site without paying for it.

Again, this will have to do with your niche.

YouTube: Create a short but powerful video on your niche. It does not have to be fancy, it just has to be something your seekers are looking for in order to their questions answered. In your description section of your video, put your link to your page first and then give the description that also has your keywords sprinkled in. This is HUGE and POWERFUL. If you want you can have the link go directly to an affiliate link for one of your offerings.

Forums about your niche: Type in your niche category and then put forums behind that name: For instance,

Dog forums

Golf forums

Affiliate Marketing forums and so on…


Social networks:

Stay focused on what people are looking for.

Get in the right social gatherings.

For Instance:

If you are a mom and have cool mommy type things to offer

Go to the places where moms hang out! is a really cool site for that.

If you are a golfer and have a page about that, go to the networks with golf fanatics.

What you are doing is tying in with like minded people and inviting them to you site.

In every forum or networking site you have a place to put your link back to your site.

Just be natural about it. Do not try to sell these folks in this type of environment. Just let them know you have some cool stuff to share.

Also, Write some articles and send them to EZine and other article publishing sites. Press releases go a long way as well.

Start getting positioned to get yourself on auto pilot with your blogs, video and articles.  We will dig deeper into this in the next posting. Lots to know!

Knowledge is your key to success!

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