How To Link Affiliate Codes in Banners


Good Morning Affiliates,

I have just created a 3 part video tutorial for you all on exactly how I embedĀ  Affiliate codes and links in banners and pictures on my websites.

You will also learn about cloaking your Affiliate links so the link thieves can’t steal your Affiliate commissions from you.

This set . . . → Read More: How To Link Affiliate Codes in Banners

Competing To Sell Information Products?


So the information age has been around for a quite some time now but when the Internet age started rolling in full swing, the game of selling information changed drastically.

Information sales on the Internet are off the hook and there are millions of people searching daily to get the information they need . . . → Read More: Competing To Sell Information Products?

Confused About Keywords?


Oh the keyword challenge!

It’s not enough that new affiliate have to struggle with being confused about keywords but even once they figure out how to use them there is still the competition with the big boys out there.

I myself have struggled in the past with this issue. It does take . . . → Read More: Confused About Keywords?

New Affiliates “To-Do” List


When starting out as a new affiliate, you should have a “To-Do” list that you will want to go by.

The top three things on your “To-Do” list are as follows:


Purchase A Domain Name:

Before you purchase your first domain name, you will want to think about a subject or niche . . . → Read More: New Affiliates “To-Do” List