Top Ten WordPress Plug-Ins For 2010

While there are tons of cool plug-ins to use for your site, I want to share with you all my personal top 10 pick for WordPress plug-ins that kick some serious butt.

This list of plug-ins will help keep your blog site in in awesome shape and almost all of them are easy to use. Some will take a bit of setting up while others are just plug and go. 🙂


1. Broken Link Checker:

This is an amazing little ditty that auto-finds any broken links on your site. I love this one. It is easy to use and a real gem especially if you are an affiliate marketer with tons of links and promos. I had no idea how many broken links I had on some of my sites until I installed this. What happens is some of the vendors will change a link without notice and you are screwed if you don’t know about it. Broken links not only drop your page rank but you are losing in affiliate commissions as well.

2. 404 Notifier:

The 404 notifier plug-in will send you a notification on all 404 errors on your site. This enables you to know exactly what to fix and fix fast. But here’s the cool deal; if you use the next plug-in listed, you most likely wont’ see many 404’s on your site if the 404 errors were generated from changing your permalinks.

3. Permalinks Moved Permanently:

I recently posted an article on Deans Permalink, It does alright but I think there are a couple of flaws in it. The Premalinks Moved Permanently Plug-in, is way easy to use and so far it looks like everything has been fixed. I had issues with 404 errors on my site after changing my permalink structure and that can really make you go nutty if you keep getting them. I need to give props to Nicholas Cardot from for letting me in on this plug-in. Thanks Nicholas!

4. All In One SEO:

This plug-in has been around for a while now but is the sweetheart of seo plug-ins. It takes a bit to figure out if you are just getting started with building your blogs. I highly recommend going through the tutorials so you know how to use this bad boy to get the full benefit from it. The coolest thing I like about it is that if you write a post and it is not doing so hot on search, you can change the headline without getting the ol’ slapparoonie…. Definitely one of my favorites!

5. Easy Privacy Policy:

This plug-in was developed with the Adsense publisher in mind. It’s quick and easy to use and keeps you in good graces with Adsense. I still see some sites that are running adsense ads that do not have a privacy page on them. Having a privacy policy is demanded by the big G. Chances are, if you do not have a privacy policy, you will never see payment from Adsense. This plug-in is a gem for those of you that do not know how to write a privacy policy or just don’t want to. Two Thumbs Up on this…

6. Google XML Sitemaps:

This plugin allows you to create your sitemap fast for Google. Simple as can be. Just a great tool!

7. Zemanta:

Zemanta is not a WordPress plu in but I felt I must include this killer tool in the top ten. Zemanta is a Firefox plug in that really rocks. It is used to assist you in finding and posting relative posts for your readers. Google loves to see related articles on your posts. Zemanta also has a media gallery along with the related articles feature. When you start writing your posts, the related articles and pictures start popping up on your sidebar in your wordpress dashboard. Make sure you read the creative commons for use with the pictures before using them. 🙂 Zemanta is a terrific addition to use with Utility Poster for your blogs.

8. BM Keyword Link:

Another terrific plug in for affiliate marketers. What this plug in does is links words in your posts that you tell it to link to with your affiliate links attached on auto pilot. It also has a no follow option that you can attach to the words and links. Cool stuff….

9. Sexy Bookmarks:

Most of you know I have preached using Onlywire for quite some time, but hey when I find something I like better with more ease of use, I say it. So, I have been using Sexy Bookmarks for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. It is easier than Onlywire for me personally and it give your blog posts a little more cool factor to it. You have options on the look and feel of it. I highly suggest this one.

10. Log in Lockdown:

Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a
certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same
IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range.
This helps to prevent brute force password discovery. Currently the plugin defaults
to a 1 hour lock out of an IP block after 3 failed lo… By Michael VanDeMar. Just make sure you keep track of your own log in so you don’t lock yourself out.

A special Thanks to SiteSketch for Keeping it real!

Share your favorite plug ins by leaving a comment in the box below. We will post all comments that are not spammy. Cool?

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